• Color trends in popular products

    Color trends in popular products

    The spring and summer series 2023 used bright colors to stimulate the joy in the heart. Through the vibrant colors, they could transmit nature and energy. The eye-catching colors released people's creation and motivation to run forward. At the same time, we can extract t...
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  • Information of  Storage bag and Washing bag

    Information of  Storage bag and Washing bag

    Storage bag, wash bag The bag for storing washing and maintenance items can also be referred to as bath bag, bath bag and bath bag. Getting up early is only to facilitate the storage of toiletries when taking a bath. It has developed into the storage of toiletries and ma...
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  • Company News

    Company News

    As a member of beauty fashion category, bag industry is an important category to decorate a better life. There is no lack of beauty in life. All kinds of decorations make our life more exquisite and bring a beautiful feeling of body and mind. Ningbo Tianhou bag Co., Ltd....
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